New Aircraft

Access the peace of mind and comfort of a brand new aircraft equipped with the latest in safety and convenience technology.

Affordable Access

Discover the satisfaction of knowing you own the best travel experience and have selected the most valuable program available.

Local Support

Build authentic relationships with your team that is dedicated to serving you with personal attention and genuine care.

Something changes for the better

Evolution of shared aircraft ownership (charter jets)

Throughout the 20th century, private aviation has helped countless businesses compete and win, has created priceless personal time and has proven itself as the most convenient and productive way to travel.

However, just like with technology, the best products and services evolve over time in order to deliver the best experience and the best value possible.

Evolution shared aircraft ownership

Designed in and for the 21st century

Where better has evolved into the best.

Charter jets in Cincinnati, OH and Austin, TX

The comfort of a familiar face

Whether it is seeing the same crew on every flight, forming a special bond with your dedicated pilots, or knowing exactly how much and what kind of flight experience each of them have, you will find great comfort in seeing a familiar face.

With your concierge and support team based locally, let us show you what personal attention truly looks like.

Discover Your Oasis

When you are searching for a well-deserved oasis, sometimes it turns out to be just a mirage. Legacy programs promise a satisfying experience. We invite you to discover a truly enjoyable one.

Private aviation began with dreams of an amazing experience like no other. A time when getting there was just as memorable as the destination. We believe those dreams are timeless and we are committed to making your travel so pleasurable and convenient that it is something you want to share with your friends and family.

Evolution shared ownership provides you and your guests Wi-Fi, smartphone controlled cabin systems, and the privacy of an enclosed lavatory. We simply believe the experience wouldn’t be exceptional otherwise.

With no limit on the number of hours or days you use your aircraft, we invite you to share the costs, but keep the experience.

The right ingredients for charter aircraft ownership

The Right Ingredients

  • Aircraft and support team based locally

  • Fuel efficient new aircraft

  • Reliable aircraft

  • 21st century scheduling technology

  • Decades of experience


  1. Find experienced people with a track record of excellence
  2. Select the world’s most sought-after business jets
  3. Provide dedicated pilots and a personal concierge
  4. Remove inefficiencies priced into legacy programs
  5. Help make the owner the smartest person at dinner

Makes as many servings as you need

Guaranteed trip coverage for your charter jet

Guaranteed Trip Coverage

Appreciating the importance of every flight is one thing, but designing features that proactively and consistently stack the deck in your favor is quite another.

Our unique shared access scheduling system provides the access and flexibility required to ensure your airplane is available when and where you need it.